Sunday, April 5, 2009

Traditional Media in Transition Features For Your Imagination CEO Paul Kontonis on Web Video Distribution Strategies

Leading online digital media studio For Your Imagination develops, packages and distributes high-quality original Internet TV and web video series. The New York-based studio works with brands and content creators to develop their online video content, offering them the opportunity to reach a targeted, advertiser-friendly audience.

I recently spoke with CEO Paul Kontonis about FYI's sponsorship deal with Warner Brothers to promote the 'Watchmen' movie on their Axis of Comedy network. The promotional campaign was both unique and groundbreaking for the digital media and the two-part interview with Paul is here and here.

The media industry web series, Traditional Media in Transition, has a new episode featuring Paul who speaks more about the promotional campaign which provided narrative integration of a Watchmen-themed storyline through four programs within For Your Imagination's video network, including an original Kyle Piccolo Comic Shop Therapist mini-web series. Paul goes on to discuss challenges facing the new media industry along with some progressive strategies to address them.

"The ability to distribute your content anywhere on the web is one of the promises of web video." Paul says, "Just because it's out there doesn't mean it's going to be seen. You really have to become part of the conversation that your content lives in and you have to be able to engage your audience."

For Your Imagination's four principles of their distribution strategy:
  1. Building a robust destination site
  2. Finding the communities out there to tap into that support video
  3. Reaching out to top influencers, the real fans
  4. Going deeper into the vertical to build relationships with sites to carry the content
Visit For Your Imagination's web site for more on their web video capabilities.

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