Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Streamy Awards: Tubefilter's Red Carpet Coverage

While there has so much other news in online video I've spent the last week focusing on Streamy Awards and sharing videos from the event as a way to celebrate what Tubefilter writer John Manalang calls the "Evolution of Media" in his post today which he recounts the events from the other evening. He says, "I remember watching the Academy Awards and Emmys on TV. Celebrities and critics would always brag and talk about how the film industry has gone far since its early days and how it evolved into the phenomenon it is today. But as soon as the lights dimmed down after the Streamy Awards ceremony, I knew that a new era in filmmaking has finally gotten the recognition it deserved—that new era is the spectacle and wonder of web television entertainment."

In this video Tubefilter reporter Andrea Ball chats with the stars of the evening on the red carpet.