Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Streaming Media West is 3 Weeks Away, Sept. 23-25 in San Jose, California

Streaming Media West is now just 3 weeks away and as I've previously mentioned, I'll be moderating two panel sessions on the subject of online video publishing strategies. As I've been organizing the two panel discussions I've spoke with several of the panelists and I'm learning more with each conversation. Each presenter at the conference shares their unique industry perspective and knowledge in hands-on workshops, keynotes or panel presentations focusing on a host of topics including new trends, best practices, content creation and distribution strategies and new media production.

We're definitely in a key moment in time with online video and live streaming where the new networks, distribution models, content producers and advertisers are starting to figure it out. We're hearing a lot about the video ecosystem and the importance of personal brand, and although we don't yet have a standard for online video, we do have a multitude of choices for video container formats, codecs and distribution channels. As for free video sharing sites, I hear the number is up around 13,000. But which ones will work best for you? What model best fits your business? How do we get meaningful statistics and viewer data? And the all important question, how do we monetize our assets?

 These are few of the questions that will be covered in my two online video publishing panel sessions at Streaming Media West. While I'll be mainly focused on moderating these sessions, I will be walking the floor armed with video cameras, meeting people, asking questions, sharing ideas, recording interviews, possibly streaming live video and posting updates hereIn the coming weeks Dan Rayburn will be highlighting the sessions on his BusinessofVideo Blog. Dan will be asking for input on questions to ask each panel so look for more updates there. You can view the conference program here and if you can’t make it to the conference look for the live streams from TV Worldwide and the full archive of all the sessions on Streamingmedia.com.Also, as part of the festivities is the 2nd Annual Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards. Join Streaming Media Magazine for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment as they celebrate the winners of the second annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Details are here.