Sunday, April 20, 2008

Robin Good on How To Make Better News

Robin Good published a new online content strategy on how to make better and more useful news so that you don't just echo the same story. He says, "already 25 guys (are) doing that same job please wake up and realize that that's not very useful."

I share his advise here because, as someone like myself who does a share of news reporting within the online video niche, it's a style of content publishing that I try to subscribe to with this blog. He offers this suggestion, "So one way you can stay on top of your wave, is start ahead of the game to focus only on the news that are very relevant to your niche rather than just bringing up news about technology or about marketing which we have zillions of websites out there doing this."

You can view his video below or go to the go here to view the transcript.

A special thanks Robin for sharing this online content publishing strategy. Check out Robin Good's Master New Media: Professional Online Publishing: New Media Trends, Com

Grazie Robin, per dare questa strategia della pubblicazione in linea! Ciao!

- Video posted by Robin Good on Friday, April 18 2008, as Online Content Strategy: How To Do Better News When Everyone Else Does News Too - Video for Master New Media