Monday, April 7, 2008

Steve Garfield on How to Make Your Videos "Spreadable"

This is a follow up to my post last month on, "Steve Garfield on "Rebooting Your Newsroom" with LIVE Mobile Broadcasting."
and offers another "How To" for making your videos "spreadable."

Steve Garfield gave a 15-minute talk on the use of live mobile streaming at the New England Press Association annual convention last month. Today, in his article from "Making Your Videos "Spreadable" for Media, he says, "My 15-minute mobile video broadcasting presentation was included in a 90-minute video. I extracted that 15-minute excerpt and shared it. The resulting video became something that people wanted to watch, share and write about."

The longer video, “Rebooting Your Newsroom: Adding blogs, podcasts, citizens and the web.” was made available by the The New England News Forum but Garfield's shorter version became viral and he he says "spreadable" and was shared and discussed on several blogs including this one. Garfield asks, "Why would a 15-minute video get more views than a 90-minute one? It depends on the content, ease of access, and the ability to share."

I would add that Steve's name recognition as a pioneer video blogger and the title of his blog post made his shorter video popular. As of today, he explained that the longer version available from The New England News Forum web archive has been downloaded 87 times while his short version available from has been viewed 413 times. He highly recommends saying, "I host my videos on because of the people who work there. In addition to the features and functions of the site, the support staff is very responsive to any support requests that I have. I like to be able to use a site that I can recommend without hesitation."

Like Steve Garfield, you can create your own "spreadable" video by producing it as a form content (15 minutes or less) and distribute it in a video player (like that has embed tags and direct links for syndication giving viewers the ability to easily link, embed on their web site or email it. This combination gives you the producer the ease of use to share your content and spread your message.

Here's a few other blogs that embedded Steve's 15-minute video: