Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CenterNetworks: 10 Great and Fun Mobile Video and Photo Apps

Allen Stern from CenterNetworks reviewed "10 Great and Fun Mobile Video and Photo Apps" with several familiar names rounding out the list.

He says, "Mobile photo and video are game changers for individuals and news organizations. As more mobile devices (and carriers) are supported, this market is going to skyrocket. Here are 10 apps that are in the mobile photo and video space. Some are well known and some might be new to you, in any event, give them all a try! And as always add your own faves in the comments."

  1. Flixwagon - live mobile streaming service, you can broadcast live or keep videos for later, upload to your blog, and much more.
  2. Qik - live mobile streaming service made popular by Scoble, stream live video f
  3. Kyte - platform for producing channels of live streaming or uploaded shows in branded embedded player. Produce, broadcast, connect, monetize.
  4. JuiceCaster - upload videos and photos from your mobile to your own widget and share on MySpace, Facebook and other sites.
  5. Movino - live mobile video streaming onto your blog or Web site over 3G or WiFi, started as a University project as a proof of concept and released as Open Source applications.
  6. mywaves - video content site with free videos for your phone
  7. GoTV - watch TV on your mobile phone, 10 channels of cutting edge music and comedy
  8. ITookThisOnMyPhone - a free service that automatically uploads photos and video to create on-line galleries of your mobile content
  9. Phoja - a free "social photo discussion" service, where users can share photos and discuss about them with the rest of the community. It offers a community-driven Digg-like popularity index for all photo submissions.
  10. Radar - instant picture and video sharing with your friends and contacts for community conversations.
- from CenterNetworks, April 5, 2008Here are a few more that didn't make it on the list:
  • Shozu - your mobile phone and on-line life connected, upload photos and videos from your mobile, download friends' feeds, communit conversations, add tagsm descriptions, titles and Geo-tagging
  • Bambuser - lets you broadcast live video from your mobile phone onto your website or blog