Monday, January 14, 2008

CES Hangover

CES has come and gone for another year and amid the Gizmodo controversy, Panasonic's 150" Plasma TV, the death of HD DVD, Apple's new MacPro and Xserve product announcements, Bill Gates last Microsoft CES keynote and hours of live coverage and blog reviews - I've assembled a few more bits and bytes of information before Apple steals the spotlight tomorrow at the Macworld Expo.

This is a great review of everything you need to see - by Ryan Block of Engadget

CES 2008: everything you need to see

Bug Labs is still Scoble's favorite thing and here's his CNBC appearance on The Big Idea

Finally, CES 2008 also marked the end of an era, as Bill Gates delivered his final Microsoft CES Keynote, this video is courtesy of G4:

Here's the full video clip that played as part of Bill's last CES Keynote:

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