Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple unveils Macbook Air... and More!

I was stuck in traffic on my way to work this morning when Steve Jobs started his keynote at the Macworld Expo. I quickly logged onto MacRumorsLive.com and Techcrunch at 9:15 AM Pacific Time right before his announcement on the Airport Extreme wireless base station called Time Capsule.

MacRumorsLive had a great live update and Techcrunch had great live pictures so I toggled between the two (since Twitter and Crunchgear were down) and watched as Steve Jobs put all the rumors to rest one by one, such as a iPhone SDK, iPhone Software Update, iTunes 7.6 Movie Rentals, Apple TV Take 2, and last but not least, the Macbook Air.

You can read all about it and watch the full keynote on the Apple web site or view the short video below courtesy of Wired.com and also check out ZDNet and Engadget's coverage. 

Although their stock dipped during the keynote and Devin Coldewey thinks the Macbook Air is basically useless calling it "a sexy lemon" it certainly was a big day for Apple.