Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have You Taken the 2010 Video Marketing Quiz? EyeView Tests Your Video Marketing Skills

According to EyeView, an effective video experience is the best way to increase conversion. Since it was founded in 2007, the Tel Aviv-based company has specialized in online video content creation, marketing and conversion as B2B solution for big name customers that include Google, Yahoo!, HP, and eBay. They've learned a lot about how video performs as marketing tool, and decided to share the data in a fun way using social media. This past week, EyeView launched its 2010 Video Marketing Quiz which follows up on the success of last years quiz, which you can still take here, and showcases some of the results of optimization tests that EyeView has performed for its clients.


The quiz is composed of five questions that challenges your video marketing instincts. Each question compares two videos side-by-side and asks you to choose which one had a higher conversion rate.
  1. Still image vs. video
  2. Dynamic Call-to-Action pointers
  3. Launch triggers
  4. Auto-play vs. Press-to-play
  5. British accent vs. American accent
All comparison data was collected during A/B tests where 50 percent of the incoming traffic would see one version of the page and the remaining 50 percent would see an alternative version. In each case EyeView's customers saw the conversion rate for particular landing pages increase by as much as 85 percent. The question that pitted two videos with voice-overs by British and American accents, was a way to discover whether the old adage about everything sounding smarter in an English accent translated into increased conversions – and the results were surprising.

According to Tal Riesenfeld, Co-Founder and VP Marketing for EyeView:
“The quiz is a fun way to expose marketers to the proven concept that video solutions increase conversion and generate greater profits. Etailers have already woken up to this idea with early adopters like committing resources to video, but we are also seeing companies from the financial, software, lead generation and gaming sectors benefiting from the improved performance video offers.”
Daniel Sevitt, EyeView’s Director of Corporate Communications, told me that people really love the quiz and while they're a B2B company, they love using social media to connect with peers and consumers. EyeView’s previous Video Marketing Quiz included a book giveaway of Chris Brogan's New York Times bestseller, Trust Agents, and EyeView returned to the microblogging network again for their 2010 quiz. Everyone who completes the quiz is invited to tweet their results with a simple in-game link. The quiz launched at 10 am ET on Wednesday May 10, 2010, and EyeView randomly gave away five vouchers ($20 each) every hour for the first eight hours to anyone tweeting their score and helping spread the word about the quiz.

You can also download the answer key once you've completed the quiz to see how well you scored.

[Disclaimer: I actually won a $20 voucher after Tweeting my score, but I have no financial interests in EyeView, nor is this a sponsored post.]

About EyeView
Founded in 2007, EyeView is the leading provider of video solutions for performance advertisers with offices in Boston and Tel Aviv. The company has assembled a dedicated team with a wealth experience from leading companies, such as Google, YouTube, and HP. Among EyeView’s clients are eBay, Yahoo!, LendingTree and many SMBs around the world.