Friday, February 5, 2010

Online Video Platform Summit: Building Value with Real Interactivity

In this final video from the Online Video Platform Summit, this panel discusses how interactive video experiences build value and engagement with online viewers. Interactivity by definition, is where a user can control their viewing experience, comment on it and actively contribute to it. The web evolved from text and image to interactive social media experiences. Social media interactivity can transform the passive, lean-back viewing experience into more of an active lean-in, engaged experience. A few examples are by customizing video players with clickable objects, comments, real-time chat, live audio and video, exploratory interactive video and virtual worlds, online gaming, and video remixes.

Building Value With Real Interactivity
Moderator: Tim Siglin, Chairman, Braintrust Digital
Alex Blum, CEO, KickApps
Scott Broomfield, Co-Founder and CEO, Veeple
Michael Dale, Open Media Developer, Wikimedia Foundation
Rainer Cvillink, Evangelist, Livestream

Video is more than just a one-way communication medium. At its best, it actively engages viewers in a lean-forward experience by allowing them to interact with the content in a unique way, including the ability to comment, rate, and share it across social networks; explore clickable objects within the video player; and even remix their own video responses using webcams or mobile devices. Live video streaming can offer even more functionality and an even higher level of interaction through real-time chat, live comment streams, and status updates. Our speakers will show examples of what you can do to make your video more of a targeted and personalized experience and discuss why you should make the effort.

Highlights from the Panel

The panel discussed ways to moving from audience to community. Community building tools from Kickapps, offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of hosted social and media applications, to build highly interactive websites with a broad range of social experiences. CEO Alex Blum said that you can learn a lot about your audience or customers through their natural interaction, publishers can harvest data from their social media graph to gain insight for editorial choices, marketing or e-commerce, and foster deeper relationships with customers.

Veeple introduces clickable objects within the video that creates "call to actions" for viewers, interactive layer on top and deep analytics underneath. Engagement dramatically increases conversion and click-through rates for online advertising and marketing campaigns. According to CEO Scott Broomfield, Veeple customers have seen more than 25% viewer engagement by adding several interactive elements within the video. Veeple argues that the experience needs to branded, actionable and and measurable.

For Wikimedia, interactivity is used as a way to inspire collaborative production, through editing tools and sharing options. Values for Wikimedia community are free open source software, which Michael Dale said created problems for the video space, since there's no open ended video format. They are working with Kaltura to bring video to Wikipedia, and are pushing HTML 5 + Ogg Theora as the open video platform, and maintain that it's comparable in video quality to H.264.

Livestream offers a interactive TV platform by simulating traditional TV channels, but unlike
traditional TV where 98% is on demand, with a live channel, everyone is watching the same thing at the same time. Real-time comments on the live feed through chat, Facebook and Twitter allow viewers to engage with live broadcasters. The content creation tools Flex and Flash based studio giving control over the on air elements streaming solution with real-time conversation through user chat, Twitter and Facebook.

Many platforms offer a variety of solutions within the interactive space, which shape the way we consume, share, create, and monetize video content. This panel session offered unique examples of how interactivity builds value, by transforming viewers into contributors, and converting viewers into customers.

Alex Blum noted, that while many online video platforms are still having the same conversations about video from 10 years ago, he sees that changing:
"What I think is the next wave, is interactive elements within the video. The idea of wrapping social experience around the video experience."

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