Sunday, October 11, 2009

Web Video Pick of the Week: The Web.Files Episode #14 Tim Street

One of my favorite new online video shows is The Web.Files, a weekly entertainment talk show that exclusively covers the "web celebs” involved in creating the best, most-watched, highest-rated, and most talked about series on the web. Launched this past July 2009, The Web.Files is created and hosted by the lovely and talented entertainment reporter and media host Kristyn Burtt and produced and directed by Sandra J Payne. The Web.Files is uploaded on Wednesdays to Blip.TV, where it is featured as a hot series on the front page each week and has racked up tens of thousands of views.

The idea for the show began during Kristyn Burtt's red carpet coverage of the March 28, 2009, Streamy Awards. Burtt found that the people she was talking with that night had fascinating stories to tell and that she’d like to be the one to help tell those stories to the world through a weekly talk/interview show. Burtt then contacted award-winning filmmaker, Sandra J. Payne, whose SPwrite Productions, LLC, was about to launch its first web series, “Life with Kat & McKay” on its new portal, PurseDog. The two decided to join forces to produce the The Web.Files and have profiled more than a dozen "web celebs" including Marc Ostrick, co-founder of eGuiders, comedy duo Dave and Tom creators of Safety Geeks: SVI, YouTube star Tay Zonday and many others.

In this episode, Kristyn Burtt, speaks with veteran new media guru Tim Street, Chief Creative/CEO of Ape Digital, blogger at and creator of French Maid TV, among many other ventures. Tim began his focus on web entertainment in 1999 and is one of the pioneers in the web series field. He has attained respect for his business model in the web video world as one of the few series producers to figure out how to monetize online video through sponsored entertainment. Tim recently produced a free eBook, 10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Online Video, and regularly shares his insights on how to be effective online on his blog and at industry conferences and web television events. He'll be a featured speaker this next week at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, October 15-17, 2009. This video offers a rare view of the man behind the sunglasses in a candid and insightful conversation.

On her blog Red Carpet Closet, Kristyn said,
"I really hope that web series producers and those interested in the new media industry listen carefully to what Tim has to say in the interview. He has a lot of valuable information to share and with his new e-Book on the way, you will get a Top 10 of things to do and not do before you upload your first web series. So many of us have jumped into the web world in the last 2-3 years. Can you imagine creating something for the Internet in 1999? Well, that is exactly what Tim did. He knows what he is doing and he was doing it way before any of us knew that you could tell stories via the web."