Friday, October 16, 2009

Veeple Introduces interPlay, New Interactivity and Analytics API

Veeple has announced interPlay, their new interactive API and plug-in that adds interactivity and analytics to 3rd-party online video players. This is a shift in Veeple's business model as an all-in-one solution, in a move to a modular structure to offer their interactivity and analytics modules to customers who already have an existing video solution. Many potential customers were interested in interactivity, metrics and increasing user engagement but wanted them to work with other platforms. By opening up the platform, Veeple sees a greater opportunity to provide a solution to online marketers and content owners that dramatically increases viewer engagement and improve conversions.

Veeple CEO and Co-founder Scott Broomfield said that interPlay is based on customer demand:
"We know that Veeple customers are experiencing the power of interactivity in their videos and are seeing phenomenal engagement rates, at some points, up to 63%, well above the industry average. Due to numerous requests by potential customers who have already invested in their own video environments but need interactivity to give a boost to their video content, we have decided to provide access to our entire interactive library via our interPlay API. Now, people have the ability to add interactivity and enhance conversions, without overhauling their existing online video infrastructure."

interPlay is free and will be bundled with a 30-day free trial of Veeple's Intelligent Video Analytics Suite. The interactive capabilities consist of:
  • Actionable objects including image & Flash animations
  • Documents including PDF’s, Word & PowerPoint
  • Transparent actionable overlays
  • Popular social networking sites
  • Textual overlays
The analytical suite includes:
  • Videos views over a time span.
  • Videos views in a geographic region.
  • Interactions over a time span.
  • Views at time intervals over video duration.
  • Interactions against views over video duration.
  • Real-time video ratings wave.

Scott recorded this interview for Kris Drey at VidCompare to answer a few questions about the new service.

  • How will it integrate with other online video platforms?
  • Do you see the Interactive API as a new feature of Veeple’s or a new business model in and of itself?
  • How does the Interactive API position you as a business today as it relates to your core competency as an OVP?
  • How will you address the competitive nature of the business as it relates other OVPs who are, to a large extent, your potential new business partners?
Unlike other companies that raise funds through investment groups, Veeple is a self-funded private company. This has allowed the company to grow organically into the space as an intelligent interactive video platform.

Veeple InterPlay will be bundled The beta program will be available beginning November 3rd, 2009 and anyone interested can pre-register here. They plan to roll out three plug-ins by the end of November for the JW Player and thePlatform and BrightCove.

Scott Broomfield will be a featured speaker at the Online Video Platform Summit in November speaking on the panel session, Building Value With Real Interactivity.

About Veeple
Veeple is the leader in simple, interactive online video solutions for marketers and content creators looking to deepen customer engagement and conversions. With Veeple's cloud-computing solution people have easy access to use interactivity, full content management for multiple clients, branded player video delivery and full clickable analytics. Veeple has the solution for successful online video campaigns. Veeple is a private company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For additional information go to