Thursday, June 25, 2009

Veeple Extends Reach With Bitgravity

Interactive online video platform Veeple has announced a new partnership with Bitgravity in which Veeple will standardize its offering on BitGravity's global high-speed content delivery network. BitGravity in turn will be adopting Veeple's platform as one of their three standard partners, with the others being Brightcove and Fliqz. Veeple also announced a series of enhancements to its interactive service including player branding, syndication, contact information and an affiliate program.

"BitGravity's focus on fast, high-quality video delivery is of primary importance in working with them," said Scott Broomfield, co-founder and chief executive officer of Veeple. "BitGravity truly understands high performance video delivery, ensuring a fantastic online video experience for our customers," he continued.

I spoke with Scott yesterday about the announcement and he outlined the "need for speed" as the driving factor for partnering with Bitgravity. Both have stiff competition in the saturated online video platform and CDN space and much like the Qik/Brightcove announcement yesterday the Veeple/Bitgravity alliance is another example of the evolving value chain within the online video ecosystem. CDNs are turning into a commodity says Broomfield, they are looking for partnerships, content, players, analytics and, we'll more see combining and some attrition over time.

Broomfield highlighted the three drivers for moving to Bitgravity.
  1. High quality - delivery move from Amazon to Bitgravity who has a hub and spoke model which gives much quicker downloads. Marketers love high quality video and Vimeo and Fliqz uses Bitgravity. Bitgravity will use Veeple as one of three partners. Interactive component, simple business model, start at $99, way easier for sales
  2. High reliability - faster buffering
  3. Speed - the hub and spoke architecture, pushes video to spoke, reduces buffer times, video and interactive features, 7-10% bits coming down the wire, a good 40% better
Veeple's platform delivers interactivity with clickable objects within the video player and cites a 22% in-video click-through rate, over 10 times today's pre-roll statistics. Veeple believes we were at the beginning of a new era in online video, an era where the passive, lean-back viewing experience is transitioning to a more lean-in, engaging experience. The age of interactive, actionable video. Early customers have included Yale University, AmazingTechProducts. com, and Global Social Media Network

“Veeple is an excellent example of the type of service we envisioned supporting when we designed BitGravity’s CDN. Veeple’s focus on offering a simple customer experience for uploading, managing, hosting, and best of all, making online video actionable, were the deciding factors in our working with Veeple.” said Chris Turner, VP of Worldwide Sales at BitGravity.

About Veeple
Veeple is the leader in simple, Interactive Online Video (IOV) solutions for marketers looking to deepen customer engagement through online video. With Veeple’s solution absolutely no programming is required for interactivity, full content management for multiple clients, branded player video delivery and full clickable analytics. Veeple provides the necessary tools for successful online video campaigns. Veeple is a private company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For additional information go to

Scott Broomfield Veeple / CEO 408-605-4231 (c) / 650-331-0785 (o)
Twitter: @veeple

About Bitgravity

BitGravity has built the first CDN for Interactive Broadcasting, which is optimized to deliver affordable, HD-quality video on demand, live broadcasts, and interactive applications for massive audiences on the Internet. BitGravity's patent-pending CDN is Tier 1, highly scalable, and delivers the performance that consumers want and expect, including streaming videos that play instantly, and live video with no buffering. The company is based in Burlingame, Calif and is privately funded. BitGravity was founded in early 2006 by technology pioneers Perry Wu and Barrett Lyon.

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