Friday, February 15, 2008

My ooVoo Day With... Robin Good


I was back for another session of My ooVooday With... and I had great video conversation with Robin Good and social media and blogging guru Sherman Hu and Allen Mostow who manages LA music artist Audra Hardt. I had been looking forward to this opportunity to meet the Master New Media guru and I also met a few new friends. We had a lively discussion about online video publishing tools and strategies. Some of the video tools mentioned included Qik, Mogulus, Kyte with ooVoo now joining the mix since you can both conduct and record a live multi-party videoconference. Robin added that Mogulus and Qik has integrated so producers can now stream live from their mobile phones directly to their Mogulus channel with Qik.

In additional to our live ooVoo session, Robin was simulcasting a live feed of our videoconference to his Qik page and you can view the archive recording below.

For some, videoconferencing technology can be cumbersome and awkward to use, but it was real easy to have an open group conversation using ooVoo. The user interface is both slick and intuitive in design and both the video and audio quality is actually quite good. The video runs at about 10 frames per second (fps) so motion is pretty smooth and I saw very little tiling or motion artifacts. The audio is quality is crisp and it works best if you have headphones as that helps to eliminate the echo. Good lighting is essential too so that your participants can see your facial expressions. The ooVoo web site has some good information on video quality.

I've been in the videoconferencing industry for 18 years and I find it remarkable that you can have a cross platform multi-party IP videoconference with up to 6 people... totally free!

My ooVooday With... seems to be a big hit for many bloggers as I've seen a number of ooVoo comments and reviews over the last week. Chris Brogan posted an interesting review on his blog and I second his kudos to Scott Monty of Crayon for organizing this incredible social experiment. You can also see Sherman Hu's post which includes a video recording of his ooVoo videoconference with Joseph Jaffe (

My next scheduled My ooVooday With... is this Sunday with iJustine.