Friday, February 22, 2008

Robin Good's ooVoo Review

Robin Good has published the quintessential review of ooVoo, titled "Video Conferencing As It Should Be: Multi-Party, Affordable, Cross-Platform - The Video Conversation Starter Is Here - OoVoo." In his article he provides a extensive and detailed explanation of the key features which he describes as, "real-time communication with audio, video and the ability to share files and documents easily. In this respect OoVoo is very much on focus and not trying to do too many things that would place it in direct competition with other conferencing and collaboration tools."

This is my fourth ooVoo post within the last two weeks so you can probably guess that I'm an ooVoo fan. I have yet to try it on a PC and have only experienced the Mac version (which is actually still available from the "Download ooVoo Now" link on the My ooVoo Day With... web page) or (the direct link at and enter user name: oovoo and password: oovoomac at the appropriate prompts.) The PC version has more features than the Mac version including free telephone calls to US and Canada landlines or mobile. Robin points out that, "you can also add phone participants in the US to your ooVoo video calls. In this introductory period OoVoo provides up to 120 minutes of FREE phone calls through March 1, 2008."

Another PC only feature is the ability to record the videoconference session. This is really cool and lends itself to many possibilities for archived interviews, panel discussions and talk shows. Robin shared this example of a recorded session that was saved as a .flv and uploaded to

If you haven't tried ooVoo yet but you're interested in how it works I suggest you read the full text of Robin's ooVoo review. He offers some suggestions on what ooVoo could do to improve adding that, "I strongly feel that ooVoo has a tremendous window of opportunity if it can further streamline and clean up its act, before Skype comes out with its own multi-party video conferencing solution or Google launches its own one. The time is ripe but one needs to act rapidly and effectively."

Overall his impression is positive and share these concluding remarks, "OoVoo is a video conversation starter and one great tool to hold impromptu professional video conferencing meetings online."

"Video Conferencing As It Should Be: Multi-Party, Affordable, Cross-Platform - The Video Conversation Starter Is Here - OoVoo" was originally written by Robin Good for Master New Media and first published on February 19th 2008.