Friday, February 29, 2008 - Mobile Versus Internet Streaming: 5 Key Challenges

Hot off the presses of, Roland Banks & Alex Yoon have published a new article on, Mobile Versus Internet Streaming: 5 Key Challenges. In our world of increasing convergence with mobile and internet content the delivery of video through these two platforms are distinctly different and offer different results. Banks and Yoon write, "Streaming in the mobile space poses perhaps more significant challenges than traditional internet streaming. These challenges include issues that relate to and affect quality and the overall user experience... This article addresses five key problem areas inherent in mobile streaming and suggests approaches that can lead to more successful delivery of mobile multimedia services."
  1. Streaming Quality is Limited by the Wireless Data Rate
  2. Fluctuations in the Wireless Network
  3. Handset Compatibility Issues
  4. Handset Feature-Set
  5. Integration with Backend Systems
Internet streaming is a mature platform and by contrast the mobile content delivery environment is developing. This article offers timely insights and recommendations to improve overall quality and user experience.