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2012 Predictions from Around the Web, and Why OVPs Should Give a Puck

Each year the predictions on what the new year will bring start to appear on the web as the current year winds down, and by January they're in full swing and just keep on coming. I've been collecting, sharing and curating the predictions for the online video, social media and technology industries the past four years, and now that we're several weeks into 2012, I present another collection of predictions from around the web. Some are bold, some are obvious and most are simply best guesses based on current and emerging trends. Many are saying that there will be a big transformation in TV, more US households will be watching Internet video in the living room, multi-screen experiences will mature, content producers and advertisers will turn up the dial on social video, YouTube may finally become a media company, more brands and retailers will embrace video marketing, video content production will shift from UGC to professional quality, video advertising will move beyond the pre-roll to interactive ads across all screens, HTML5 video will take center stage, and recently at CES YouTube's Robert Kyncl claimed that very soon 90% of Internet traffic will be video and that the web is poised to become the premium channel for entertainment.

As part of VidCompare's third annual Online Video Platforms (OVPs) Predictions piece, 2012 Online Video Predictions – OVPs « Online Video and Video Providers - VidCompare, I shared my thoughts on what OVPs should focus on in 2012. The OVP space has over 100 companies that provide similar services that include: video hosting, encoding, custom players, syndication, analytics, as well as interactivity and monetization through a variety of online advertising options typically 3rd-party ad-servers. Many of the OVPs have differentiated themselves with new products and services like Brightcove's cloud-based application management, Ooyala's integration with Facebook on Social TV and real-time video analytics, Kaltura's open source app exchange, RealGravity with syndication and its content marketplace, Unicorn Media and Twistage on video workflow, DaCast with streaming as a service, and so many other examples within the crowded space.

But as we move into 2012, we're going to need more than just tools to publish video online and measure ROI, because publishers will need to create fully immersive transmedia experiences for viewers across multiple screens. It won't be enough for companies to just provide the standard suite of tools if they want to stay in the game. So I drafted the following advice for OVPs, based on conversations with my good friend @zbutcher who inspired this post.

Why OVPs Should Give a Puck
“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretsky

The rapid growth of online video industry is one the biggest stories that continues to write itself. Major developments of the past year shape the future and the tools we use to collect and share information. As our connected lives intersect on the web, living room and mobile, we’re moving away from traditional methods, static pages, formats and styles to fully “immersive HD experiences”.

Rather than reading and clicking, viewers now want to see and experience. The presentation layer is about storytelling and for video to move forward in 2012, the OVP industry should pay attention to the three I’s: immersion, integration and implementation.

Immersion – It’s time to go beyond the frame, box, blog and immerse ourselves in storytelling. People want to personalize it and interact with the stories. Applications that offer seamless HD video experiences across the web, tablets and mobile devices will inspire storytellers to expand their narratives to reach every audience. Second screen and web back channel applications will set the pace for great opportunities, innovation and growth in the coming year.

Integration – While video has seen astounding growth over the last year and is predicted to be over 90% of the Internet traffic in the next few years, it’s still a second class citizen. We still have multiple files, formats, players and countless work arounds to make video work. OVPs need to support immersive experiences through an integrated approach and offer value added, forward thinking services to differentiate themselves.

Implementation – No matter how good your integration is, it’s only as good as your implementation. It comes down to user experience and user interface. Producers and publishers are looking for consistency across all platforms and devices. OVPs need to execute on products and services and keep an eye on where the puck is going to be, not just where it is.

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Lastly, the big question, will the world end in on December 21, 2012?
My prediction is no, it's extremely unlikely.

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