Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorenson 360 v2 Ready to Take on Enterprise OVP Market

At Streaming Media East 2010, Sorenson Media launched Sorenson 360 v2, setting its sights squarely on the enterprise online video platform market with a new and improved version of its OVP solution. I caught up with Peter Csathy, President and CEO of Sorenson Media, to talk about the latest release – which comes exactly one year after the platform’s initial launch at Streaming Media East 2009. Sorenson 360, was released as a SaaS-based video platform that bundled video encoding, transcoding, storage, content management, player customization, delivery and analytics to extend the workflow of video professionals who were already using Sorenson Squeeze.

With 360 V2, Sorenson has expanded its scope beyond its initial SMB customer base to the larger enterprise customers it already serves – in media and entertainment, Fortune 500, education and non-profit sectors – with its Sorenson Spark and Sorenson Squeeze products. Sorenson believes that it can capture a significant market share with its $99/month package that rivals Brightcove's $99/month Express package. Sorenson has included a full new set of features available as part of the standard 360 subscription, not found in any package available from its competitors.

Sorenson has completely rewritten the CMS – moving away from Adobe Flex and fully embracing web application technologies of AJAX and HTML5 – with the goal was to bring greater functionality, speed and customization to video publishers. Among the new features, Sorenson has introduced RTMP streaming with unlimited data rates, auto-generated playlists, drag and drop functionality, complete white-label customization, APIs for developers and deeper integration with social media, SEO and video editing tools. Sorenson has also included intelligent embed codes to automatically detect the client and unwrap the correct player for web or mobile experiences.

Customers can add "high-value" modules for additional functionality for IAB-compliant ad serving, interoperability with all Flowplayer-compatible networks, Drupal and WordPress plug-ins, a Flash Player SDK and SquishNet, its “You-Tube-in-a-Box” browser-based encoder application used by sites like John McCain's video supporter wall to fully incorporate user-generated content.

According to Csathy, Sorenson has a winning solution with 360 v2 – built on its storied history dating back to 1995, and foundation in high quality video encoding and listening to its customers. Sorenson offers a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model based on actual usage, which it's able to do through its partnership with Amazon Web Services. Sorenson is convinced that it offers the biggest bang for your buck by providing every customer, regardless of size, the same benefits of its enterprise-grade features.

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Read the press release: Sorenson Media’s New Sorenson 360 v2 Online Video Platform Built for the Enterprise

About Sorenson Media
Sorenson Media offers comprehensive, award-winning solutions that empower businesses and video professionals to easily and affordably publish the highest-quality video to the Internet and other media. Included among its products and services are the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (VDN), Sorenson Media’s re-imagined video publishing platform; Sorenson Squeeze, the gold-standard for video encoding applications; Sorenson Squish and SquishNet, which together create an easy-to-use browser-based video publishing platform for user-generated content; and Sorenson Spark, the industry’s most widely used video codec, which enables mobile devices and other consumer products to playback the largest selection of video on the Internet today. Since its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been instrumental in bringing Internet video to mainstream applications and is committed to dramatically improving the online video experience for both content creators and consumers. Follow Sorenson Media (sorensonmedia) on Twitter