Friday, April 16, 2010

Announcing the 2010 Streaming Media All-Stars

Streaming Media magazine and has announced the third annual Streaming Media All-Star team, a list made up of some of the most innovative, influential, and important players in the online video arena. The Streaming Media All-Stars are people who do their part to advance, evangelize, and expand online video and audio – unsung heroes, visionaries and industry veterans. Last year, I was honored to be recognized as a 2009 Streaming Media All-Star, and I congratulate this year's 2010 team – who are both familiar faces and friends in the online video community. If you read this blog or other online video blogs on a regular basis than you'll recognize this year's team. I was excited when I first read the list, and I'm pleased to present The 2010 Streaming Media All-Stars.

Streaming Media Editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen noted:
"The third annual Streaming Media All-Star team is made people who've done the most over the years to advance both new technologies and sustainable business models, as well as those who time and time again have given back by educating newcomers inside the industry and evangelizing about online video to those outside it. 
As always, though, we selected the team members based not only on their personal successes, which speak for themselves, but also for their commitment to sharing what they've learned with others. If there's one common thread that ties all of them together, it's that online video isn't just a vocation for any of them; it's a calling, and one they want to share with as many people as possible."
Here's this year's team of Streaming Media All-Stars:

Steve Garfield: Pioneer Video Blogger

Glenn Goldstein: VP, Video Technology Strategy
MTV Networks
Lisa Larson-Kelley: Web Video Consultant

Rob Levy: Executive Producer; Production Operations Manager
Discovery Digital Media

Kevin Nalty: CEO, Nalts Consulting

Jan Ozer: Editor
Streaming Learning Center

Andy Plesser: Founder and Executive Producer

Mark Robertson: Founder

Anthony Soohoo: Senior VP and General Manager, Entertainment and Lifestyle
CBS Interactive

Mike Tedesco: VP Technology and Product Development
WWE Global Digital Media
Mike Tedesco has since left WWE to be the CTO of Venture Forth Software.

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