Monday, April 12, 2010

The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... and the Winners

By now, most of the Internet has in some way heard about, watched, commented on, or experienced the 2010 Streamy Awards first hand, which for many, failed to meet the expectations set by last year's awards show. I was excited to be a guest and attend the event in person, and actually ended up with a front row seat to what's been called, "the train wreck awards" or as Kevin Pollack called "the best rehearsal award show". The reactions have been vocal and varied, with several themes have emerged regarding the #streamyfail memes. People have been forgiving of the technical problems with the video playback, stalls and miscues, but less forgiving for the audio problems in the venue and on the live web cast and some outrage at the tone of show that came off as sophomoric,  tasteless and self deprecating humor. I know the organizers meant well and worked hard to make the Streamy Awards a success, but the overall execution of the show, which for many went from bad to ugly, set it on a collision course with the devoted web television community who want to be taken seriously.

Other blogs have said it better already, and have generated a lot of great and thoughtful discussion, like Jenni Powell's Post-Show Community Feedback and Discussion on Tubefilter News and Liz Shannon Miller’s The Streamy Awards: A Producer’s Apology And Its Three Fails at NewTeeVee which Tubefilter CEO Brady Brim-Deforest apologized for the technical difficulties and how the show "suffered from a lack of cohesiveness". Check out these insightful posts from David Samuels, CEO of KoldCastTV , iJustine, Barrett Garese, Jace Hall, Jim Louderback and Miles Beckett who all shared their candid thoughts. Look for more reactions and also statements from Tubefilter and the International Academy of Web Television in the coming days.

I'll also be posting some videos that I shot at the event.

Now onto the good, here's the Fine Brothers video, HOW TO get Nominated for A Streamy Award,  that was cut short during the live show due to technical difficulties, and the list of winners who are all talented and top-notched web television creators. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

2010 Streamy Award Winners

Overall Series

Best Drama Web Series
The Bannen Way
Best Hosted Web Series
Best Reality or Documentary Web Series
The Secret Life of Scientists
Best News or Politics Web Series
Auto-Tune the News
Best Foreign Web Series
Best New Web Series
Odd Jobs
Best Companion Web Series
The Office: Subtle Sexuality
Best Animated Web Series
How It Should Have Ended
Best Branded Entertainment Web Series
Back on Topps (Topps, Dick’s Sporting Goods)`
Best Experimental Web Series
Auto-Tune the News
Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series
Agents of Cracked


Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series
The Guild
(Sean Becker)
Best Directing for a Drama Web Series
The Bannen Way
(Jesse Warren)


Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series
Wainy Days
(David Wain)
Best Writing for a Drama Web Series
(Bernie Su)


Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Zach Galifianakis — (Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis)
Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Felicia Day — (The Guild)
Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series
Mark Gantt — (The Bannen Way)
Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series
Rachael Hip-Flores — (Anyone But Me)
Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series
Easy to Assemble
(Illeana Douglas, Justine Bateman, Eric Lange, Michael Irpino, Cheri Oteri, Daryl Sabara, Michael Panes, Rob Mailhouse, Sean Durrie, Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Tim Meadows, Ricki Lake, Greg Proops, Kevin Pollak)
Best Guest Star in a Web Series
“Weird Al” Yankovic — (Know Your Meme)
Best Web Series Host
Zadi Diaz — (Epic Fu)
Best Vlogger
Shane Dawson — (ShaneDawsonTV)

Craft Awards

Best Editing in a Web Series
The Bannen Way (Zack Arnold)
Best Cinematography in a Web Series
Riese (Christopher Charles Kempinski)
Best Art Direction in a Web Series
Green Porno (Rick Gilbert)
Best Sound Design in a Web Series
Fear Clinic (Kunal Rajan)
Best Visual Effects in a Web Series
Fear Clinic (Jason Bergman, Nicholas Onstad, Bethany Onstad, Jason Knetge, Erik Porn, Ikuo Saito, David Dang)
Best Animation in a Web Series
theGoob (Magnus Jansson)
Best Original Music in a Web Series
Auto-Tune the News (Evan Gregory, Andrew Gregory, Michael Gregory, Sarah Gregory)
Best Live Production in a Web Series
Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show
Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series
Best Product Integration in a Web Series
Easy to Assemble (IKEA)
Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series