Friday, September 4, 2009

Check Out Part 2 of My Interview With Nate Elliott on ReelSEO, "Social Video Builds Value and Trust"

This is Part 2 of our interview with Nate Elliott, the Principal Analyst at Forrester Research from the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose in mid-August. Jeremy Scott drafted a great post on ReelSEO the describing how Nate sees the importance of social media and video with examples of social media gone right and wrong, the benefits of user-generated content, and how trust in brands play into consumer engagement. In Part 1, I spoke with Nate about the Groundswell, a book based on analysis by Forrester Research on how they look at social marketing.

In this follow up video Nate says:
"A lot of the best social media we've seen, a lot of the great examples of social media both positive and negative have focused around video. If you look at some of the most recent things we've seen online of course, the recent United Breaks Guitars video is a great example of social media gone wrong and of course that was a YouTube video. You can go all the way back to the Ford SUV contest that they ran on YouTube several years back where a handful of users wound up using Ford's own contest to accuse them of ruining the environment with large vehicle and lots of emissions. So there's certainly some downsides there but we've seen some positive examples of marketers using video and user-generated videos as well."

He added that social video builds trust and value in brands:
"We know that users want to see video and not just video content. We know that users are excited to see video from the brands, the companies they trust online. So when we ask in surveys, :What do you expect to see on favorite brand, your favorite marketer's website? Some people refer to social content but actually a lot users are saying they're expecting to see video content there. So we know it's powerful, we know a lot of users are getting used to watching video online and we know it's something they want to see from their favorite companies.

And the advantage to using social video is... you're increasing the value and the trust of that video. Users are a lot more likely to trust the things they see from other users then are trust something they see from you as accompany. Or even from a trusted their source like an independent reviewer or a media outlet. So when you're using social video you're adding the element of trust. It also opens you up to in many ways a cheaper way to create video content as a marketer and provides creativity that you might not have in-house or might not have come up with otherwise..."

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