Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flixwagon Demos Live Video Streaming via on Unlocked iPhone

I'm glad to be back after several days of technical difficulties with my internet connection.

It's big news in live mobile video broadcasting today, with two big announcements for both FlixWagon and Qik.

Earlier today, Flixwagon announced that they've been able to unlock live video recording and broadcasting on the iPhone. Alan Stern of Centernetworks reported the story earlier today that appeared on Twitter, "Announcing first ever live video broadcast from iPhone with Flixwagon"
"We're happy to announce that our development team at the Flixwagon lab has successfully streamed the first-ever live high-quality video from unlocked iPhones to the web, using Flixwagon's alpha client. While we don't condone or recommend unlocking iPhones, as avid iPhone users ourselves we wanted to experiment with ways to enable flixwagon on the iPhone, until the official SDK supports video. We're going to continue working with the iPhone SDK in the future so we can offer this functionality to all users once video becomes a standard part of the iPhone."

We'll release the iPhone version to our Alpha testers in July. In the mean time, if you want to sign up for Flixwagon or get updates on future roll-outs and supported mobile devices, click here."

Andy Plesser on interviewed Sarig Reichert, co-founder Flixwagon, who shared the latest news that everyone has been waiting to hear.

Andy says, "Sarig sent me this link with a few videos broadcast with an iPhone. These videos were done in the Flixwagon labs using an unlocked iPhone. BTW: Sarig says the company is not encouraging users to unlock their iPhones. But, it evidently works."

I'm a big advocate of both Flixwagon and Qik as they offer an instant online video publishing solution. So rather than overshadow one platform over the other, I've posted a Part II of this story as the next blog entry.