Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Video Landscape: Multi-platform Distribution, Monetization, and Fragmentation

For the second year in a row, in a keynote address at the Online Video Platform SummitBrightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire will share his view of the increasingly complex and fragmented landscape for online video publishing and the strategies organizations need to have in place to achieve success with their video initiatives in the year ahead. Jeremy will also explore the changing face of video and content monetization, as more and more publishers look to expand their video initiatives to all three screens.

Jeremy founded Brightcove in early 2004 with a vision for the transformation of television with the Internet. As President of Brightcove, Jeremy leads the company’s technology, marketing and business development strategy. Prior to founding Brightcove, Jeremy worked as a technologist and entrepreneur-in-residence for Cambridge, MA-based venture capital firm General Catalyst, where he worked on companies and investments in broadband media, mobile content, e-commerce software and digital identity.

Before General Catalyst, Jeremy was Chief Technology Officer of Macromedia, where he helped define and launch the Macromedia MX platform for Rich Internet Applications, helping to evolve Macromedia Flash into a dominant platform for rich media applications on the Internet. Jeremy joined Macromedia with its merger with Allaire Corporation, where Jeremy was a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Founded in 1995, Allaire Corporation was a pioneer in using the web as an application platform, and its industry leading and award winning products power millions of websites, online services and business applications on the Internet.

Earlier this week, on the eve of Streaming Media West, Brightcove announced the release of Brightcove 5, bringing many new features to its cloud-based online video platform. New features in Brightcove 5 include distribution and synchronization with YouTube, Apple HTTP streaming for the mobile Web and apps, new advanced analytics for Adobe® Flash® and HTML5 video, and wide-ranging productivity enhancements with advanced analytics for HTML5 developed in partnership with Tubemogul. This latest release comes 12 months after the release of Brightcove 4, which the company announced at Streaming Media West 2009.

Allaire noted that Brightcove 5 addresses the fragmentation publishers face with multi-platform distribution:
“Consumers today are surrounded by an increasingly fragmented landscape of devices and destinations, which present publishers with exciting new opportunities, as well as challenges. Brightcove 5 helps remove the complexity of online video publishing and distribution across multiple devices and touch points, accelerating productivity and unlocking additional value.”
Earlier this year, Allaire discussed the future of web content - HTML5, Flash and mobile apps in a guest post on Techcrunch. Within the online video platform market, Brightcove is often considered the leader of the space with more than  2,300 media publishers in 50 countries. Brightcove raised $12 million in series D funding earlier in the year, bringing the its total funding to $103 million. The company recently hired Chris Menard as its new CFO, and is said to be preparing for an IPO early in 2011. See my 2009 interview with Allaire to read about Brightcove's early beginnings and how the company has evolved since its 2004 launch.

Allaire's keynote, "The New Video Landscape: Multi-platform Distribution, Monetization, and Fragmentation," will be at the Online Video Platform today at 10:30 am PT. he Online Video Platform Summit is a two-day event designed to help organizations of all types, not just those for whom video is their core business. Held on November 2-3 in conjunction with Streaming Media West in Los Angeles, the Online Video Platform Summit is designed for video publishers of all types and sizes, whether small businesses looking to publish content for the first time, independent entertainment content creators, large media organizations, or anywhere in between.