Saturday, November 24, 2007

Larry & Ryan’s Podcast - Streaming Media West

I had the opportunity to be guest host on this episode of the Lame Podcast, which was created as part of Jose Castillo's pre-conference seminar on, "Planning, Building, and Launching a Successful Podcast" at the Streaming Media West. It was my first attempt at podcasting and turned out to be a lot of fun and incredibly easy to do.

Here's the description from the program:
"This hands-on workshop walks you through the details of starting an audio podcast, from concept to delivery: RSS, blogs, hardware, software, etc. You’ll learn how to use some of Apple's tools and other devices as we create our own podcast within the workshop. How do I syndicate my show? What hardware/software do I need? How can I get listeners? All these questions will be answered by Jose Castillo, who was podcasting long before it had a cool name."

Link to the workshop handout and slides on

Jose is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend that you attend one of his seminars if you get a chance.