Friday, November 23, 2007

The iPod lecture circuit - Los Angeles Times

"Technology is bringing the ivory tower to big rigs and fishing boats, offering second chances to study existentialism or theoretical physics."

How about this one from today's LA Times? It's an interesting article on how institutions of higher education are making their lectures available to the masses through iTunes U.

The article follows several everyday people, like truck driver Baxter Wood, who listen to podcasts as part of their distance learning experience. Wood drives his big rig back and forth across the country listening to UC Berkeley Philosphy lectures he downloaded from iTunes U.

Arthur Marquis, a retired federal attorney loves to walk. He listens to philosophy classes from UC Berkeley on his iPod as he walks at least 10 miles every other day.

iTunes U launched in May 2007 and of course it's good for Apple because it helps sell more iPods. While universities have been providing downloads of lectures for several years this model is a real egalitarian approach to education. I share this as another example of converging technologies and attitudes that help break down the same/place same/time model.